Table 1.

Sampling locations and characteristics of soils used in the different experiments

Soil no.OriginTextureComposition (%)Organic matter (g/kg of dry soil)pH109 cells/g (dry wt) of soila
SandSiltClayBefore grindingbAfter grindingb
1AustraliaSandy clay62221649.75.86.5 (0.9)2.9 (1.3)
2Peyrat le Chateau, FranceSandy clay61261348.24.97.3 (0.6)5.4 (0.8)
3Côte St André, FranceSandy loam5041940.65.610.0 (0.7)7.5 (1.4)
4Chazay d’Azergue, FranceSandy clay loam34471913.95.87.8 (1.1)4.2 (0.6)
5Guadeloupe, FranceClay27264717.04.81.4 (0.4)0.5 (0.1)
6Dombes, FranceSandy clay loam20671330.34.37.5 (0.5)5.6 (0.9)
  • a Direct microbial counts using acridine orange staining were performed before and after soil grinding.

  • b n = 3 . Numbers within parentheses are standard deviations.