Table 1.

Bacterial strains

StrainDescriptionaRelevant characteristicsbSource or reference
P. putida
 N1RRhizosphere bacteriumPvd+ IceRifr 7
 N1R Pvd Tn5 derivative of N1R designated JL4316Pvd Ice RifrKmr 27
 N1R (pvd-inaZ)N1R containing fusion plasmidpvd-inaZ Pvd+ Ice+Rifr Kmr This study
 N1R Pvd (pvd-inaZ)N1R Pvd containing fusion plasmidpvd-inaZ Pvd Ice+Rifr Kmr This study
 WCS358Rhizosphere bacteriumPvd+Ice 9
 WCS358 Pvd Tn5 derivative of WCS358 designated JM218Pvd IceKmr 24
 WCS358 Pvd(pvd-inaZ)WCS358 Pvd containing fusion plasmid pvd-inaZ PvdIce+ Kmr This study
 B10Rhizosphere bacteriumPvd+Ice 15
 B10 (pvd-inaZ)B10 containing fusion plasmidpvd-inaZ Pvd+ Ice+Kmr This study
E. cloacae
 EcCT-501Biological control agentEnt+Iuc+ 26
 JL1157Rifr derivative of EcCT-501Ent+ Iuc+Rifr 19
 LA122Derivative of JL1157, Δiuc Ent+ IucRifr 19
 LA266Derivative of JL1157, Δent Ent Iuc+Rifr 6
 LA235Derivative of JL1157, Δent Δiuc EntIuc Rifr 6
  • a Δent, deletion of gene(s) required for enterobactin production; Δiuc, deletion of gene(s) required for aerobactin production.

  • b Pvd+ and Pvd, pyoverdine producer or nonproducer, respectively; Ice+ and Ice, ice nucleation active or not ice nucleation active, respectively; Rifr, rifampin resistant; Kmr, kanamycin resistant; Ent+ and Ent, enterobactin producer or nonproducer, respectively; Iuc+and Iuc, aerobactin producer or nonproducer, respectively.