Table 4.

Influence of E. cloacae strains differing in enterobactin and aerobactin production on population size of P. putida N1R Pvd (pvd-inaZ) in the rhizosphere of cucumber

E. cloacaestrainaRhizosphere population size of N1R Pvd(pvd-inaZ)b (log10 [CFU/root system] ± SEM)
  Day 1Day 5  
None5.40 ± 0.257.04 ± 0.12
JL11575.88 ± 0.246.79 ± 0.14
LA1224.75 ± 0.246.43 ± 0.13
LA2665.21 ± 0.176.72 ± 0.15
LA2354.26 ± 0.155.97 ± 0.35
  • a Root systems were dipped in aqueous suspensions of N1R Pvd (pvd-inaZ) alone or in combination with a strain of E. cloacae (JL1157, LA122, LA266, or LA235) before planting in sterilized soil. Initial populations of E. cloacae on inoculated roots were approximately 104 CFU/root system. Mean population sizes ofE. cloacae on five replicate root systems were 6.3 to 6.6 log10 (CFU/root system) at day 1 and 7.6 to 7.9 log10 (CFU/root system) at day 5.

  • b Initial population size of N1R Pvd (pvd-inaZ) on inoculated roots was approximately 104 CFU/root system. Mean rhizosphere population sizes were estimated from five replicate root systems at 1 or 5 days after inoculation with bacterial strains.