Table 2.

Utilization of heterologous siderophores by P. putida N1R Pvd

Test strainSiderophore production phenotypeCross-feeding of N1R Pvda
P. putida
 N1RPvd+ +
 N1R Pvd Pvd
 WCS358Pvd+ +
 WCS358 Pvd Pvd
E. cloacae
 JL1157Ent+ Iuc+ +
 LA122Ent+ Iuc +
 LA266Ent Iuc+ +
 LA235Ent Iuc
  • a The capacity of N1R Pvdto utilize siderophores produced by test strains was detected in a cross-feeding assay. Molten KMB amended with 600 μg of 2,2′-dipyridyl per ml was seeded with 105 CFU of the indicator strainP. putida N1R Pvd per ml. +, zone of growth surrounding colonies of test strains indicated siderophore cross-feeding; −, no detectable zone. The experiment was done three times with identical results.