Table 2.

Rates of correct classification (DA) for known-source database isolatesa

Source and no. of samplesNo. of isolatesNo. correctly identifiedRate of correct classification (%)bLargest source and % of misclassification
Beef cows, 291,3981,20286Waterfowl, 9
Chickens, 1782470085Humans, 7
Dairy cows, 1572863387Chickens, 4
Deer, 261,2451,04584Beef cows, 6
Humans, 331,5791,46893Chickens, 4
Waterfowl, 271,2841,15590Beef cows, 7
  • a For example, the first row of data shows that 14% of the beef cow isolates were not correctly classified and that 9% were misclassified as waterfowl isolates.

  • b The ARCC was 87%.