Table 1.

GenBank entries identified by BLAST as having the highest similarity to the station 5 and station 9 clones that were assayed by sequence analysis

Group and GenBank entryNo. of clonesSimilarity
Roseobacter sp. strain PRLIST0640.940.97
Roseobacter sp. strain Shippagan 20.980.99
 Strain HRV3#HpaAS110.990.99
 Strain KAT620.950.95
 Strain KAT810.930.93
 Strain GAI-3610.930.93
Uncultured α-proteobacteria
 OCS154 (SAR11 cluster)10.970.97
 OCS53 (SAR11 cluster)11.001.00
Uncultured β-proteobacteria
Pseudomonas sp. strain BAL1830.960.99
Acinetobacter sp. strain 7920.980.99
 Strain HTB08230.950.97
 Strain DPT1.210.980.98
 Strain NKB430.890.92
Uncultured γ-proteobacteria
 OCS44 (SAR86 cluster)120.911.00
 OM10 (SAR86 cluster)70.900.99
Polaribacter sp. strain MED1810.900.90
 Strain SCB4930.930.94
 Uncultured CRE-PA3710.900.90
Other groups
 Uncultured Planctomycesstrain CRE-FL3110.890.89
 UnculturedVerrucomicrobiales strain HstpL1120.890.89
 Uncultured Firmicutes CR-PA2610.890.89
 Uncultured Actinomycetes OCS15540.990.99
Uncultured algal chloroplast
 Prasinophyte OM3920.980.99