Table 1.

Characteristics of Bacillus probiotic strains

CharacteristicLactipanplusBacillus strain:
DomuvarBactisubtilSubtylBiosubtyl “Dalat”B. subtilis PY79
Anerobic growth+
Hydrolysis of starch+++++
  Sheep bloodγγββ(β)γ
  Horse bloodγγββγγ
Growth at pH 10.1+
Spore shapeb EEE/SEE/SE
Spore positionc STTT/STCT/STST
Exosporiumd ++++
  • a Hemolysis was determined from growth on sheep or horse blood agar plates and defined as β (complete) or γ, (no hemolysis). Parentheses indicate a weak reaction.

  • b E, ellipsoidal; S, spherical.

  • c C, central; ST, subterminal; T, terminal.

  • d Determined from electron microscopic analysis.

  • e Sporulation was induced by exhaustion in Difco sporulation medium. At 24 h after the initiation of sporulation, 0.5-ml samples were measured for viable counts and incubated at either 65 or 75°C for 30 min prior to plating for heat-resistant survivors. Values given are percent survivors.