Table 2.

Division-level distribution of aligned RDP v8.0 sequences that have primer sites matching primer 8-27f

No. of sequencesb
Proteobacteria 2,076
Gram-positive bacteria1,832
Flexibacter-Cytophaga-Bacteroides 304
Cyanobacteriac 99
Planctomyces 48
Fibrobacter andAcidobacterium 41
Green nonsulfur bacteria25
Leptospirillum-Nitrospira 22
Thermophilic oxygen reducers19
Green sulfur bacteria15
Thermotogales 11
Anaerobaculum thermoterrenum group10
Environmental clone WCHB1-31 group10
Prosthecobacter group6
Flexistipes sinusarabici assemblage6
Coprothermobacter proteolyticus group1
Environmental clone OPB451
  • a Obtained from the RDP (18).

  • b The RDP v8.0 contains 16,277 aligned sequences, of which 4,657 match primer 8-27f. The remaining sequences either are too short to contain the primer site or contain mismatches, with the primer exceeding the specified limits. Ten divisions are not represented.

  • c The number of sequences reported does not include sequences from chloroplasts and cyanelles.