Table 1.

Sources, times of isolation, subtypes, and PFGE types of all C. jejuni isolates investigated

OutbreakIsolateSourceTime of isolation (day/mo/yr or mo/yr)SubtypeaPFGE fingerprintb
Flock 1EX109Cow25/03/98–06/05/98 fla: 3,14NDc
EX110Cow25/03/98–06/05/98 fla: 3,14ND
EX145Chicken25/03/98–06/05/98 fla: 3,14ND
EX146Chicken25/03/98–06/05/98 fla: 3,14ND
EX400Puddle25/03/98–06/05/98 fla: 3,14ND
Flock 2EX496Feces20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5ND
EX497Feces20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5S0, B1, K1
EX524Floor20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5S0, B1, K1
EX537Support20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5ND
EX543Litter top20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5ND
EX602Feedhopper20/05/98–27/05/98 fla: 2,5S0, B1, K1
Flock 3EX790Chicken13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX917Chicken13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX972Floor13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12S2, B3, K3
EX983Drinker13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX1056Chicken13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX1178Drinker13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12S2, B3, K3
EX1182Wall13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX1204Floor13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
EX1286Chicken13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12S2, B3, K3
EX1401Floor13/07/98–21/07/98 fla: 1,12ND
82/69Human05/81–07/81P6:L6S0, B1, K1
82/72Water05/81–07/81P6:L6S0, B1, K1
82/80Human05/81–07/81P6:L6S0, B1, K1
82/86Human05/81–07/81P58S1, B2, K2
82/87Human05/81–07/81P58S1, B2, K2
81116Human05/81–07/81 fla: 2,5S0, B1, K1
  • a Each fla genotype designation comprises the HinfI and DdeI profile numbers, in that order. P and L refer to the Penner serotype and the Lior serotype, respectively.

  • b Numbers were assigned arbitrarily to the PFGE fingerprints obtained after digestion with the following restriction enzymes: SmaI (S), BamHI (B), and KpnI (K). S0 indicates samples that were not digested with SmaI.

  • c ND, not done.