Table 1.

Environmental and cultural rRNA gene sequences determined during this study

GenBank accession no.Environmental sequence or strain no.aCrust and locationMethodLength (bp)Corresponding bandb or taxonomic assignmentc
AF284790 AL09Silt, UtahPickedd 3235a
AF284791 AL10Gypsum, UtahPickedd 3266a
AF284792 AL13Shale, UtahPicked3352a
AF284793 AL14Silt, UtahPicked3273a
AF284794 AL15Sandy soil, ArizonaPicked326
AF284795 AL18Silt, UtahDGGE32816b
AF284796 AL21Silt, UtahDGGE32616c
AF284797 AL22Shale, UtahDGGE3267a
AF284798 AL23Sandy soil, UtahDGGE32511a
AF284799 AL24Sandy soil, UtahDGGE32411c
AF284800 AL25Sandy soil, UtahDGGE32611b
AF284801 AL26Gypsum, UtahDGGE32613a
AF284802 AL28Gypsum, UtahPicked327
AF284803 PCC 9802Sandy soil, Utah1,430 M. vaginatus
AF284804 MPI98MVBR04Unknown, Carbonate/silt, Spain623 M. vaginatus
AF284805 MPI98MV.JHSUnknown, California620 M. vaginatus
AF284806 MPI98SCh.JHSUnknown, California610 Phormidium/Schizothrix
AF284807 MPI98NO.JHSUnknown, California530 Nostoc sp.
AF284808 SAG 2692Unknown, Israel628 M. sociatus
AF284809 MPI96MS.KidUnknown, Israel652 M. sociatus
AF284810 MPI99OBR03Carbonate/silt, Spain606 Oscillatoria sp.
  • a MPI, Max-Planck-Institut culture collection, Bremen, Germany; SAG, Sammlung von Algenkulturen, Göttingen, Germany.

  • b DGGE band in Fig. 2.

  • c Taxonomic assignments are cum forma and do not necessarily imply that a phylogenetically coherent taxon can be defined for the morphology described by the taxon.

  • d Single-filament picking was followed by incubation in culture medium to obtain a small pellet before PCR amplification.