Table 1.

Net doubling times of ungrazed microorganisms in the predator-free treatment or in the <5-μm treatment

OrganismDoubling time (h)cInterval (h)
Bacterioplankton24.8 ± 2.20–48a
CF319a bacteria19.7 ± 2.00–48a
BET42a bacteria16.6 ± 1.40–48a
R-BT065 bacteria8.8 ± 1.60–24a
R-FL615 bacteria12.7 ± 1.372–96b
HNF15.1 ± 2.024–72b
  • a Treatment at <0.8 μm (bacterioplankton and different bacterial groups).

  • b Treatment at <5 μm (grazing-resistant R-FL615-positive filaments and HNF).

  • c The values are mean ± SD of three triplicate treatments. Rates were calculated for intervals with exponential growth.