Table 2.

Substrate range and reaction product identification for the P. stutzeri OX1 PH from IPTG-induced E. coliJM109(pJSX148) cells

SubstratePH sp act (nmol min−1 mg of protein−1)HPLC retention time of product (min)Product identifiedHPLC retention time for standard of predicted product (min)Cleaved by C2,3O
Phenol8.2 ± 0.53.55Catechol3.51+
o-Cresol10.8 ± 1.03.443-Methylcatechol3.40+
m-Cresol8.7 ± 0.73.353-Methylcatechol3.40+
p-CresolNAa 3.164-Methylcatechol3.13+
2,3-DMP12.7 ± 0.54.253,4-Dimethylcatechol4.05+
3,4-DMPNA 4.173,4-Dimethylcatechol4.05+
2,4-DMPNA 4.103,5-Dimethylcatecholb NAvc
3,5-DMP11.4 ± 1.04.07Not analyzedNAv 
2,5-DMP14.4 ± 2.84.213,6-Dimethylcatecholb NAv 
  • a NA, Not applicable.

  • b Identified by NMR analysis.

  • c NAv, not available.