Table 2.

Correlation relationships of basic parameters

ParameteraCorrelation coefficient (r)nSignificance (P)
[Bacteria] vs avg cell vol −0.281520.0434
[Bacteria] vs Thy incorporation cell−1h−1 −0.039510.7850
[Bacteria] vs total grazing −0.475350.0035
[Bacteria] vs HNF grazing −0.453350.0058
[Bacteria] vs [Virus]−0.133520.3503
Thy incorporation cell−1 h−1 vs avg cell volume−0.041510.7771
Thy incorporation cell−1 h−1 vs total grazing−0.110350.5335
Thy incorporation cell−1 h−1 vs HNF grazing−0.095350.5884
Thy incorporation cell−1 h−1 vs [virus]−0.073510.6114
Total grazing vs HNF grazing 0.99735<0.0001
[Virus] vs avg cell vol 0.69452<0.0001
[Virus] vs total grazing 0.69535<0.0001
[Virus] vs HNF grazing 0.68335<0.0001
Avg cell vol vs total grazing 0.86635<0.0001
Avg cell vol vs HNF grazing 0.87635<0.0001
  • a Bacterial concentration are indicated as [Bacteria], cell specific thymidine incorporation rates as Thy incorporation cell−1 h−1, average bacterial cell volume as avg cell vol, total protist grazing (ciliate and heterotrotrophic nanoflagellate) rate as total grazing, heterotrophic nanoflagellate grazing as HNF grazing, and concentration of viruses as [virus]. Significant relationships (P < 0.05) are shown in bold.