Table 3.

Phylogenetic assignment of clones with Sabvalues > 0.8 to RDP database entriesa

CloneClosest NCBI database matchb% SimilarityPutative phylumRDP placementcT-RF length (bp)
Ac62Uncultured eubacterium (AF010078)99 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified92
Ac74Agricultural soil bacterium SC-I-49 (AJ252638)98 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified95
Ac20Uncultured eubacterium (AF010016)99 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified214
Ac14Unclassified clone (Z95735)96 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified221
Ac1Uncultured bacterium Riz 104 (AJ244314)97 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified222
Ac69Unclassified clone (Z95725)94 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified222
Ac92Unclassified clone (Z95728)97 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified222
Ac42Uncultured eubacterium (AJ232842)97 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Unclassified222
Ac51Clone RB40 (Z95721)98 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Environmental clone RB40 group222
Ac71Agricultural soil bacterium SC-I-19 (AJ252622)96 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Environmental clone RB40 group222
Ac87Grassland soil clone saf2 414 (AF078262)98 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Environmental clone RB40 group233
Ac43Soil bacterium SC-I-19 (AJ252622)96 Holophaga/Acidobacterium Environmental clone RB40 group235
Ac50 Arthrobacter globiformis(M23411)97High-G+C gram-positives Arthrobacter + relatives229
Ac56 Streptomycetaceae(X87316)96High-G+C gram-positives Streptomyces + relatives76
Ac52Clone Riz 1098 (AJ244354)98Low-G+C gram-positives B. megaterium group232
Ac11 Bacillus benzoevorans (D78311)97Low-G+C gram-positives B. megaterium group231
Ac31 Clostridium lituseburense(M59107)97Low-G+C gram-positives C. lituseburensegroup290
Ac36Uncultured copper smeltery bacterium D62 (AF337830)96α-Proteobacteria Sphingomonasgroup88
Ac48Metal-contaminated soil clone (AF145868)99α-Proteobacteria Unclassified39
Ac68Uncultured eubacterium (AF270944)97α-Proteobacteria Rhizobium-Agrobacteriumgroup195
Ac38Rhizosphere clone RSC-II-42 (AJ252682)96γ-Proteobacteria Xanthomonasgroup39
Ac67Clone EA25 (U51864)99 Verrucomicrobiales Prosthecobactergroup237
Ac57Uncultured bacterium DA101 (Y07576)95 Verrucomicrobiales Prosthecobactergroup237
  • a Tentative phylogenetic placement and percent similarity values were determined by BLAST and are based on approximately 500 bp of the 16S rRNA gene sequence for each clone.

  • b Accession numbers of closest database matches are given in parentheses.

  • c The tentative phylogenetic placement was determined by using the Sequence Match option in the RDP.