Table 3.

Leavening capacity of various yeast strainsa

StrainLeavening capacity in:
Plain doughsSweet doughs
2.5% Yeastb2.8% Yeastc5% Yeaste2.5% Yeast + 5% glucoseb5.6% Yeast + 10% sucrosec5.6% Yeast + 26% sucrosec, d
V1100 (9.8) A100 (1200) A100 (1800) A100 (7.8) A100 (580) A100 (24) A
DOG957 B11 B47 B68 B NDe56 B
DOG2172 C92 A96 A137 CND184 C
DOG2450 B80 C76 C90 A76 B158 D
  • a Determined as increase in volume of the doughs (laboratory conditions) or as CO2 liberated (industrial conditions) after 2 h of incubation, using different yeast and sugar concentrations. Data are given in values (percentages) relative to those of bakers' strain V1. Absolute values appear in parentheses. Measurements were carried out in the reofermentometer using the Chopin method (35). Data represent mean values (n = 6) and standard errors of less than 10%. Mean values in the same column followed by the same letter do not differ significantly (P < 0.01) according to Scheffe'sS test (3, 41).

  • b Laboratory conditions.

  • c Industrial conditions.

  • d Measurements were carried out according to the Burrows method (7). The same results were obtained with 20 and 26% sucrose.

  • e ND, not determined.