Table 2.

Maltase, invertase, and phosphatase activities of various yeast strains determined in laboratory and industrial mediad

Activity and mediumV1DOG9DOG21DOG24IFI256S288C
 YPM100 (220)100 (100)100 (120)100 (170)100 (115)100 (1)
 YPD1.0 A1.0 A3.0 B0.1 C0.26 D70 E
 YPDM3.5 A32 B19 C8.0 D1.7 E150 F
 YPS0.9 A1.2 A1.8 B0.05 CNDeND
 SR19 A21 A35 B0.8 CNDND
 Molasses 0.8 A3.0 B2.0 B0.15 CNDND
 YPM100 (60)100 (4.0)100 (32)100 (18)100 (12)100 (30)
 YPD2.0 A12 B6.0 C9.0 B4.2 D2.3 A
 YPDM4.0 A34 B8.0 C21 D15.8 E5.7 A
 YPS2.3 A48 B10 C9.5 DNDND
 SR76 A500 B125 C220 DNDND
 Molasses (MBA)10 A110 B24 C70 DNDND
Phosphatasec(YPM)0 A0 A25 B360 C0 A0 A
  • a In nanomoles of nitrophenol liberated per minute × 10 μg protein.

  • b In nanomoles of glucose liberated per minute × 10 μg protein.

  • c In nanomoles of DOG liberated per minute × 10 μg protein.

  • d Invertase and maltase activity data are given as relative values, where those of each strain in YPM are considered 100. Absolute values appear in parentheses. Data represent mean values (n = 6) and standard errors of less than 10%. Mean values of the degree of repression or induction from the reference medium YPM of either maltase or invertase activity in the same row, or of phosphatase activity followed by the same letter do not differ significantly (P < 0.01) according to Scheffe'sS test (41).

  • e ND, not determined.