Table 2.

Identities of clones related to numbered bands in Fig. 5, as determined by partial or nearly complete 16S rDNA sequencing

BandAccession no.Closest relative in GenBank database (accession no.)% SimilarityPhylogenetic group
1 AY013676 a Desulfosporosinussp. strain S10 (AF07527)96Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
2 AY013696 a,b Gallionella ferruginea (L07897)94β-Proteobacteria
AY013693 b UnculturedDuganella sp. strain CTHB-18 (AF067655)93β-Proteobacteria
3 AY013670 Unidentified β-proteobacterium cda-1 (Y17060)96β-Proteobacteria
AY013688 Unidentified β-proteobacterium cda-1 (Y17060)96β-Proteobacteria
AY013694 a,b Gallionella ferruginea (L07897)95β-Proteobacteria
AY013698 a,b Gallionella ferruginea (L07897)93β-Proteobacteria
AY013691 b Actinomyces sp. (X92701)96High-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013663 Uncultured bacterium RB25 (Z95718)88Unclassified
4 AY013697 a,b Gallionella ferruginea (L07897)92β-Proteobacteria
AY013695 b Unidentified bacterium BD4-9 (AB015559)88Unclassified
5 AY013690 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)93β-Proteobacteria
6 AY013666 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)93β-Proteobacteria
7 AY013669 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)94β-Proteobacteria
AY013681 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)94β-Proteobacteria
8 AY013674 Unidentified bacterium DGGE band 10 (AJ009652)98High-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013684 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)98High-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013664 a Denitrifying bacterium 72Chol (Y09967)95β-Proteobacteria
AY013675 a Azoarcus sp. strain BS5–8 (AF011350)93β-Proteobacteria
AY013689 Uncultured bacterium t0.6.f (AF005745)91Green nonsulfur bacteria
AY013682 Candidate division OP11 clone OPd29 (AF047561)90Unclassified
9 AY013665 a Desulfovibrio aminophilus (AF067964)93δ-Proteobacteria
10 AY013593 Acetobacterium carbonolicum(X96956)98Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013613 Acetobacterium wieringae(X96955)97Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013610 b Acetobacterium malicum (X96957)97Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013607 b Acetobacterium malicum (X96957)95Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
11 AY013591 Acetobacterium wieringae(X96955)98Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
12 AY013609 a,b Geobacter akaganeitreducens (U96918)94δ-Proteobacteria
13 AF013603 Uncultured eubacterium WCHB1–21 (AF505080)96Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
14 AY013658 Uncultured freshwater bacterium (AF109142)98Unclassified
15 AY013644 a,b Geobactersp. strain CdA-2 (Y19190)96δ-Proteobacteria
16 AY013634 a Metal-contaminated soil clone K20-06 (AF145810)98δ-Proteobacteria
AY013642 a Metal-contaminated soil clone K20-06 (AF145810)95δ-Proteobacteria
AY013647 a,b Geobactersp. strain CdA-2 (Y19190)96δ-Proteobacteria
AY013648 a,b Geobactersp. strain CdA-2 (Y19190)94δ-Proteobacteria
AY013651 a Geobacter sp. strain CdA-3 (Y13131)93δ-Proteobacteria
AY013641 a Azoarcus sp. PCR strain (X85434)93δ-Proteobacteria
AY013649 b Uncultured bacterium WCHB1–60 (AF050598)91Candidate division WS5
17 AY013652/3a,c Geobactersp. strain (GSPY19190)96δ-Proteobacteria
18 AY013646 b Acidovorax sp. strain UFZ-B517 (AF235010)96δ-Proteobacteria
AY013643 b Rhodoferax fermentans (D16211)96δ-Proteobacteria
AY013650 b Acidovorax devluvii (Y18616)91δ-Proteobacteria
19 AY013645 a,b Geobactersp. strain CdA-2 (Y19190)95δ-Proteobacteria
AY013633 Eubacterium limosum(M59120)94Low-G+C-content gram-positive bacteria
AY013638 Uncultured bacterium clone H1.4.f (AF005748)93Green nonsulfur bacteria
20 AY013620 a Uncultured sulfate-reducing bacterium 368 (AJ389629)91δ-Proteobacteria
21 AY013625 Uncultured clone CRE-FL35 (AF141457)97β-Proteobacteria
  • a The identity of the closest relative in the GenBank database gives an indication of the ability to perform redox reactions (microaerophilic, denitrification, iron reduction, or sulfate reduction).

  • b The 16S rDNA was almost completely sequenced.

  • c E. coli positions 8 to 518 and 1002 to 1512 were sequenced.