Table 1.

Product profiles of RD-1 cultivated in Usaltmediuma

SubstrateOptical density at 660 nmSubstrate consumed (mM)Acetate produced (mM)Ethanol produced (mM)H2 produced (mmol liter of culture fluid−1)Acetate/substrate ratiob
H20.0342.59.8NDc00.23 (0.25)
Formate0.0115.44.7000.31 (0.25)
Pyruvate0.053.75.70ND1.54 (1.25)
Glucose0.415.09.63.3Trace levels1.9 (3.0)
Xylose0. levels1.6 (2.5)
  • a Lactate was not detected in any culture. Values were corrected with control values obtained from cultures lacking additional substrates and are means of three replicates. The standard deviations were less than 10%.

  • b Values in parentheses are the theoretical acetate-to-substrate ratios if substrates were converted to acetate via the acetyl-CoA pathway.

  • c ND, not determined.