Table 1.

Oligonucleotide probes used in this study

ProbeSpecificityProbe sequence (5′-3′)Target sitea (16S rRNA positions)% Formamide in bufferbHybridization tempb(°C)NaCl in wash buffer (mM)Reference
MA-221Type II MBGGACGCGGGCCGATCTTTCG221–24035* 55* 807
M-450Type II MBATCCAGGTACCGTCATTATC450–47030* 4611216
M-84c Type I MBCCACTCGTCAGCGCCCGA84–103204622516
Mcell-1026 M. palustris GTTCTCGCCACCCGAAGT1026–1043045–50900This study
Mcell-181 M. palustris TCTTTCTCCTTGCGGACG181–198045–50900This study
H158d M. palustris GGTATTAATCCAAGTTTC158–175045–50900This study
  • a Position numbers refer to the E. coli 16S rRNA sequence.

  • b *, Optimal hybridization conditions determined in this study.

  • c Probes M-84 and M-705 have been used in conjunction.

  • d Helper probe.