Table 6.

Carbon source utilization profiles for isolates recovered on the various NAA media

Carbon compound% Positive isolates ona:
NAA 1:1NAA 1:10NAA 1:100NAA 1:1,000NAA 0
l-Arabinose30 (4) AB40 AB53 (3) A48 AB24 (4) B
d-Mannitol81778089 (4)72
d-Mannose81 (7) AB83 (3) AB87 (10) AB93 A68 (8) B
d-Sorbitol19 AB17 AB30 A30 A 4 B
l-Tryptophan 7 (3) AB10 AB 7 AB22 A 0 B
  • a Different letters indicate significantly different (P < 0.05) proportions of positive isolates. Numbers in parentheses are percentages of which only two of three replicates are positive.