Table 3.

Colonization of Herbaspirillum sp. strain B501 tagged with gfp and kanamycin resistance genes in wild and cultivated rice 7 days after inoculationa

Oryza speciesCell density in surface-sterilized rice tissue (104 CFU/g [wet wt])
Wild rice
O. officinalis W0012320<1.4690
O. rufipogon W20081900.661
Cultivated rice
O. sativa cv. Sasanishiki2.1<0.3622
O. sativa cv. Nipponbare3.6<0.250
  • a Seven-day-old rice plants inoculated with strain B501gfp1 were surface sterilized with 1% sodium hypochlorite for 30 s. The uninoculated controls yielded no colony on the selective agar plates. The results shown here are representative; three independent experiments showed similar results.