Table 2.

Phylogenetic affiliations of representative alpha-proteobacterial isolates and of isolates from other groups that were screened for their in situ abundances by FISH

Phylogenetic groupRepresentative strainNext relative to isolate or clonea% 16S rRNA similaritySpecific probe(s)
Cytophaga KT11ds2 (AF235111)b Cytophaga marinoflava M58770 98.0CYT1448, CYT1348
KT0803 (AF235117)b Cytophaga uliginosa M28238 93.6
 Marine alpha clusterROS537
  Group AJP88.1 (AY007684)Alpha proteobacterium strain 303 (AF022392)99.7
  Group BJP7.1 (AY007679)Marine isolate (L15345)93.3ROS7-1029
  Sulfitobacter KT0917 (AF173972)b Sulfitobacter pontiacus (Y13155)94–96KT09a, KT09b
KT1117 (AF173971)b KT13-231
KT0202a (AF305498)b RC1031, RC1239
 Unknown affiliationJP22.1 (AY007682)Marine isolate (Y10914)98.9
Rhodospirillum JP57 (AY007683) Rhodospirillum salexigens (D14431)88.9
Sphingomonas JP63.1 (AY007681)Marine isolate (U85838)97.9
Caulobacter JP68 (AY007678) Caulobacter maris (AB008850)96.3
Erythrobacter JP13.1 (AY007680) Erythrobacter litoralis (ABO13354)97.3ERYTHRO69
Phyllobacterium JP66.1 (AY007677) Phyllobacterium myrsinacearum (D12789)93.2RHIZO218
 NOR5KT71 (AY007676)Gamma-proteobacterium KTc1119 (AF235120)94.7NOR5-730, NOR5-130
  • a In the ARB database.

  • b Reference 14.