Table 1.

Characteristics of soils used in this study

Soil sample (origin)% Coarse sand (>200 μm)% Fine sand (63–200 μm)% Coarse silt (20–63 μm)% Fine silt (2–20 μm)% Clay (<2 μm)% Humus% Total nitrogen% Total carbon% Moisture (dry wt)pH (CaCl2)
Ringe (coal gasification plant)
Copenhagen (contaminated soil)
Højbakkegaard (agricultural soil)25.027.412.516.
Græse (agricultural soil)26.939.49.311.
Suserup Skov (deciduous forest floor)28.532.514.
Tornebakke (larch forest floor)
  • a Analyses performed by the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Foulum, Denmark.