Table 4.

Grouping of microbes associated with sample AT425

Representative sequenceNo. of clonesNearest relativeaPhylogenetic groupbSimilarityc
Bacteria (127 clones)
 AT425 EubE1015Propionibacterium acnesActinobacteria0.99
 AT425 EubC511Actinomycetales sp. strain TM56Actinobacteria0.88
 AT425 EubA83Propionibacterium acnesActinobacteria0.95
 AT425 EubD113Arthrobacter citreusActinobacteria0.99
 AT425 EubY101Frankia sp. strain Cea5.1Actinobacteria0.89
 AT425 EubB108Streptococcus gordoniiLow G + CFirmicutes0.98
 AT425 Eub411Staphylococcus capraeLow G + CFirmicutes0.99
 AT425 EubF12Hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifer clone WCHB1-81Firmicutes?0.91
 AT425 EubA51Benzene-mineralizing consortium clone SB-45Firmicutes?0.98
 AT425 EubD38Stenotrophomonas maltophilaα-Proteobacteria0.99
 AT425 EubE39Ralstonia pickettiiβ-Proteobacteria0.99
 AT425 Eub481Herbaspirillum rubrisalbicansβ-Proteobacteria0.97
 AT425 EubA41Lautropia mirabilisβ-Proteobacteria0.99
 AT425 EubC336Pseudomonas fluorescens/deep sea clone BD5-14γ-Proteobacteria0.98
 AT425 EubD52Deep sea clone BD5-14γ-Proteobacteria0.94
 AT425 EubD95Hydrocarbon seep clone Eel-BE1C3δ-Proteobacteria0.98
 AT425 EubF51Syntrophus buswellii/trichlorobenzene-degrading consortium clone SJA-63δ-Proteobacteria0.93
 AT425 EubA61Flavobacterium ferrugineumCFB0.92
 AT425 EubC94Thermus aquaticusYT-1Thermus and relatives1.00
 AT425 EubC1114Deep sea clone BD2-11Unknown0.83
Archaea (93 clones)
 AT425 ArC773Methanosaeta sp. strain clone A1Methanosarcinales0.95
 AT425 ArD22Hydrocarbon seep clone Eel-TA1a4ANME-20.95
 AT425 ArE121Hydrocarbon seep clone Eel-TA1a4ANME-20.95
 AT425 ArB78Hydrocarbon seep clone Eel-BA2e8ANME-10.99
 AT425 ArB98Hydrocarbon seep clone Eel-BA2e8ANME-10.93
 AT425 ArD101Salt marsh clone 2C84Salt marsh0.94
  • a If more than one relative is listed, the similarities of each to the environmental gene clone are approximately equivalent.

  • b See Fig. 2 and 3 for more detail.

  • c Based on alignment of all nonambiguously aligned nucleotides. A sequence with a similarity of 1.00 is identical.