Table 1.

Colony characteristics and cell size ofMicrocystis species isolated from Lake Wannsee in 1999

SpeciesColony characteristicsMean cell diam (μm) ± SDReference
M. aeruginosa (Kützing) KützingMore or less firm, elongated and lobate, usually with distinct holes, net-like clathrate; often more or less dense epiphytic populations of Pseudanabaena muscicola or Nitzschiaspp.4.92 ± 0.1321
M. ichthyoblabe KützingColonies more or less irregular-spherical, soft; distribution of cells in colonies is irregular or sponge like; margin of colony irregular3.39 ± 0.1821
M. wesenbergii(Komárek) Komárek in KondratevaElongated, lobate cells in one layer, with visible margin of mucilage5.29 ± 0.2421