Table 1.

Molecular characterization by PFGE of Spanish L. monocytogenes strains

Strain(s)-yr of isolation (geographical region)aSerotypeREDPPulsotypeNo. of strains
S13-92, S14-92, S15-92 (Aragón); C252-96, C274-94, C4711-93, C4712-93, F277-97, F3610-93, F3611-93, F3813-93 (Paı́s Vasco)4b13I11
S3444-96 (Paı́s Vasco)4b19II1
C389-93 (Paı́s Vasco)4b115III1
H30-96 (Navarra)4ab116IV1
S2939-95 (Paı́s Vasco)4b225V1
F42-93 (Aragón)4ab311VI1
S5263-92, S5264-92, S5265-92, S5266-92, F5214-92, F5215-92, F5216-92 (Galicia)4b43VII7
S16-92 (Aragón)4ab51VIII1
H22-94 (Andalucı́a); S11-92, S12-92 (Aragón)4b53IX3
H35-97 (Madrid); S1222-93, S1728-95, S1230-95, S1232-95; F125-95 (Aragón)4b63X6
H3-92, H6-92, H8-92, H9-92, H11-93, H13-93, H14-93 (Canarias); S4149-93, S4150-93 (Castilla-León); S4353-93, S4555-93, S4556-93, S4557-93, S4558-93, S5061-91 (Paı́s Vasco); S1324-94, S5470-00 (Aragón)4b73XI17
H41-97 (Cataluña)4b76XII1
H17-94, H18-94, H19-94 (Madrid); S818-93, S823-94, F84-94 (Aragón); S3947-94, S4352-93 (Paı́s Vasco); S4251-93 (Castilla-León)4b715XIII9
H46-97 (Castilla-León)4b83XIV1
H40-97 (Navarra); H44-97 (Castilla La Mancha)4b86XV2
H28-96, H29-96 (Cataluña); H47-98 (Extremadura)4b814XVI3
S2838-95, S3546-94, S4859-93, C377-93, C378-93, F3712-93 (Paı́s Vasco); S5571-00, S5572-00 (Extremadura)4b815XVII8
H37-97 (Castilla-León); H43-97, H45-97 (Castilla La Mancha); H38-97 (Comunidad Valenciana); S27-93, S28-93, S411-93, S613-93, S1831-95, F21-93 (Aragón)4b93XVIII10
H23-94 (Castilla-León)4b96XIX1
S39-93, S310-93 (Aragón)4b103XX2
F276-97 (Paı́s Vasco)4b1027XXI1
S1526-94 (Aragón)4b113XXII1
C241-96 (Aragón)4b1112XXIII1
S512-93, S714-93, S715-93, S716-93, S717-93, S1020-93, F53-93 (Aragón)4b123XXIV7
H50-98 (Madrid); S919-93 (Aragón)4b1215XXV2
H10-93 (Canarias)4b1325XXVI1
H16-94 (Madrid)4b143XXVII1
H42-97 (Castilla La Mancha)4b1416XXVIII1
H24-95, H25-95, H51-92 (Canarias); H21-94 (Andalucı́a); S1933-96, S2034-96 (Aragón); F359-94 (Paı́s Vasco)4b153XXIX7
C263-97 (Paı́s Vasco)4b158XXX1
H33-96 (La Rioja)4b1510XXXI1
H2-89, S1627-94 (Aragón); H4-92 (Galicia); H12-93 (Canarias); S4048-94 (Paı́s Vasco)4b1515XXXII5
S1425-94 (Aragón)NT1517XXXIII1
S5162-98 (Cantabria)4b1520XXXIV1
H36-97 (Castilla-León); S2236-98 (Aragón); S2337-95, S3141-95, C366-93, C4610-93, F238-95 (Paı́s Vasco)4b1615XXXV7
H39-97 (Castilla-León)4b1715XXXVI1
S1729-95 (Aragón)4ab1815XXXVII1
S4454-93 (Paı́s Vasco)4b1915XXXVIII1
H15-94 (Madrid); H32-96 (La Rioja)1/2a205XXXIX2
S3343-97 (Paı́s Vasco)1/2a2013XL1
S3040-95, S3545-94, C355-94 (Paı́s Vasco)1/2a2018XLI3
S4960-93 (Paı́s Vasco); F5217-92 (Galicia)1/2a2028XLII2
S2135-97 (Aragón)1/2b2122XLIII1
S5367-92, S5368-92, S5369-92 (Galicia)1/2b222XLIV3
S3242-95 (Paı́s Vasco)1/2a2326XLV1
F5218-92 (Galicia)1/2b242XLVI1
H31-96 (Navarra)1/2a2523XLVII1
H26-96 (Castilla-León)1/2a264XLVIII1
S1121-93 (Aragón)NT2721XLIX1
H27-96 (Madrid); H48-98 (Castilla-León)1/2a2818L2
H1-96 (Navarra)1/2a2824LI1
H34-96 (Castilla La Mancha)1/2a2918LII1
H49-98 (Madrid)1/2a2919LIII1
H5-92, H7-92 (Canarias)1/2a2928LIV2
H20-94 (Madrid)1/2a307LV1
  • a S, C, H, and F, strains isolated from sheep, cattle, human, and feedstuffs, respectively. Subscripts indicate the flock in which the strain was isolated. Different strains with the same subscript indicate that they were isolated from different animals of the same flock. All ovine and bovine strains were isolated from animals with meningoencephalithis, except strains S65, S66, C2, C4, C6, C7, and C9 (isolated from abortions) and strain C5 (isolated from mastitis). The feedstuff strains were isolated from silage, except for strains F1, F2, and F3 (isolated from potatoes) and F5 (isolated from maize stalks). Strains H35 and H46 were isolated from cases of cirrhosis and ascites, respectively. Strains H2 to H6, H8 to H17, H19, H20, H23, H29 to H31, H40, and H41 were isolated from patients with septicemia, and strains H7, H24, H25, and H51 were isolated from abortions. The other human strains were isolated from cephaloraquid fluid in patients with meningitis. NT, not typeable by serotyping.