Table 1.

Summary of relevant physiological characteristics of previously published DAsRBa

Physiological parameterPreviously characterized DAsRB
Electron donors
 H2plus acetate++++− 
 Butyrate+c +
 H2 − − ++
 Formate+c +c − 
 Acetate− − +− 
Electron acceptors
 Se(VI)++− +
 Se(IV)− − +
 Sulfate− − +− +
 Thiosulfate++− +
 Sulfite− +− 
 S0 − ++
 Mn(IV)− +
 Oxygen− e +e
 Temperature (°C)20332725–3095
 Doubling time (h)145491.3
  • a Blank cells indicate that no data are available with regard to the specific variable. Data for S. arsenophilum MIT-13T are from references 2, 57, and 71. Data for S. barnesii SES-3T are from references 41, 57, and 72. Data forChrysiogenes arsenatis BAL-1T are from reference47. Data for Desulfotomaculum auripigmentumOREX-4T are from reference 58. Data forBacillus arseniciselenatis E1HT andBacillus selenitireducens MLS10T are from reference 6. Data for Desulfomicrobium sp. strain Ben-RB are from reference 46. Data forPyrobaculum arsenaticum PZ6T are from reference33. +, growth was supported; −, growth was not supported.

  • b Physiological characterization is minimal with no formal survey of electron donors or acceptors.

  • c Growth occurs only in the presence of acetate as a carbon source.

  • d Growth is fermentative rather than respiratory.

  • e Growth is microaerophilic.