Haplotypes and genetic diversities (H) of the strains of X. axonopodis pv. manihotis populations collected in two samplings during a cycle of production

SiteSamplingapthB haplotypesχ2bGenetic diversity (H)c
Mondomo1C8, C9, C36, C370.67
2C8, C9, C36, C3714.095 (0.003)0.74
Pivijay1C6, C16, C18, C33, C40, C42, C43, C440.60
2C6, C18, C4218.293 (0.011)0.52
  • a First or second sampling during the cropping cycle. The first sampling was performed 4 months after planting, and the second one was 7 months after planting.

  • b The chi-square value was significant at the 5% level.

  • c Diversity index, based on the RFLP haplotypes, was calculated as described by Nei and Tajima (16).