Test of whether wCer2 totally rescues its own modification in D. simulansa

FlybNo. of crossesNo. of eggs countedMean % embryonic mortality (SE)Wilcoxon's test resultcPd
RC21Ø (Ø)RC21 (wCer2)131,21613.7 (3.4)
RC21 (wCer2)RC21 (wCer2)121,24922.8 (3.0)1.904<0.06
RC45Ø (Ø)RC45 (wCer2)151,28115.5 (6.5)
RC45 (wCer2)RC45 (wCer2)201,74428.2 (3.3)3.2<0.02
  • a To increase sample size, data were pooled from two experiments (performed in G9 and G10), after testing for homogencity. Crosses between infected males and infected females are the same as in Table 2.

  • b The infecting Wolbachia variant is given in parentheses. Ø, uninfected.

  • c The Wilcoxon's tests were performed by comparing each pair of crosses.

  • d P, associated α probability.