Characterization of the isolated filamentous bacterial strainsa

Strain as identified by 16S rRNA gene sequencingOriginLength range (μm)Cell vol range (μm3)Accession no. of 16S rRNA gene sequenceClosest relative (accession no. of 16S rRNA gene sequence)Sequence similarity between isolate and closest relative (%)
Hylemonella sp. strain WQH1Lake Hallstadt, Austria2.0-9.50.2-1.1 AJ565430 H. gracilis c (AF078753 )96.5
H. gracilis WQT2Lake Taihu, P.R. Chinab2.5-16.40.2-1.5 AJ565424 H. gracilis c (AF078753 )99.7
H. gracilis WQM2Lake Mondsee, Austria4.8-18.40.4-1.7 AJ565425 H. gracilis c (AF078753 )99.7
H. gracilis WQP1Pond 1, Austria5.2-21.70.5-2.1 AJ565423 H. gracilis c (AF078753 )99.7
S. aurantia WQM4Lake Mondsee4.9-28.30.4-2.2 AJ565432 S. aurantia (M57740 )99.4
  • a The isolates were preliminarily classified based on phylogenetic analysis of their 16S rRNA gene sequences, as well as morphological and other phenotypic traits. Cell length and volume parameters were recorded from early stationary phase in cultures that were used for experiments.

  • b People's Republic of China.

  • c Formerly Aquaspirillum gracile (40).