Descriptive statistics for fecundity testing of wCer2-infected D. simulans femalesa

FlybNo. of crossesNo. of eggs countedAvg no. of eggs laid/female (% SE)
RC21Ø (Ø)RC21Ø (Ø)161,640102.5 (4.7)
RC21 (wCer2)RC21Ø (Ø)131,502115.5 (5.9)
RC21Ø (Ø)RC21 (wCer2)131,21693.54 (7.0)
RC21 (wCer2)RC21 (wCer2)121,249104.18 (4.8)
RC45Ø (Ø)RC45Ø (Ø)161,739108.7 (5.5)
RC45 (wCer2)RC45Ø (Ø)182,138118.8 (4.0)
RC45Ø (Ø)RC45 (wCer2)151,28185.4 (8.1)
RC45 (wCer2)RC45 (wCer2)201,74487.2 (4.3)
  • a To increase sample size, data were pooled from two experiments (performed in G9 and G10), after testing for homogeneity.

  • b The infecting Wolbachia variant is shown in parentheses. Ø, uninfected.