Numbers of HTCC isolates in the OMG group cultivated by high-throughput culturing over a 1-year period

Date and location of inoculation sampleaNo. of wells screenedNo. of bacterial isolates identifiedCulture designationsNo. of isolates in OMG subclade
OMG (total)OM60BD1-7KI89AOM182SAR92
8-20-01, J48076HTCC2068 to HTCC21441021106
9-20-01, OC48033HTCC2145 to HTCC21801750075
8-7-02, Jetty48061HTCC2181 to HTCC228215300210
8-17-02, PO32015HTCC2283 to HTCC2297200002
  • a Samples were collected from the jetty, Newport, Oreg. (J), 27.6 km off the coast of Oregon (OC, 44° 39.1′ N, 124° 24.7′ W), and a pelagic region of the Pacific Ocean (PO, 48° 4.82′ N 132° 41.03′ W). Dates are expressed as month-day-year.