Summary of features of presumed protein contamination of the MM of M. gryphiswaldense identified by various sequencing methods

Protein1D band no.2D spot no.No. of peptidesBest Blast hit (accession no.)aE value
2D PAGE + MS-MSTotal tryptic digestion + MS-MS
Outer membrane protein7, 84Bracella melitensis (Q44662)4e-54
ATP synthase alpha8, 96Rhodospirillum rubrum (PO5036)3e-11
ATP synthase beta6661Rhodospirillum rubrum (PO5038)0.0
Ribosomal protein S144Bradyrhizobium japonicum (NP_767380)0.0
EF-Tu742Masorhizobium loti BAC50667 (NP_102118)1e-07
FusA15Rickettsia bellii (AAM90927)0.0
DnaK36Rhodopseudomonas sp. (O05700)0.0
GroEL510Rhizobium meliloti (NP_437546)0.0
Cytochrome c11Rhodospirillum rubrum (P23135)1e-63
cb-type cytochrome c oxidase CcoO subunit1Brucella melitensis (NP_540482)1e-90
Cytochrome b2Bradyrhizobium japonicum (NP_769126)1e-140
  • a Excluding hits to other MTB.