H. volcanii strains used

StrainBackgroundDerivation or referenceaGenotype and/or phenotype
WR480WFD113His ΔpyrE2
H18DS70DS70, pGB68 pop-inpyrE2+::[ΔpyrE2 NovR]
H23DS70DS70, pTA70 pop-inleuB+::[ΔleuB MevR]
H26DS70H18 pop-outΔpyrE2
H30WFD11WR480, pTA73 pop-inHis ΔpyrE2 leuB+::[ΔleuB pyrE2+]
H37DS70H23 pop-outΔleuB
H40WFD11H30 pop-outHis ΔpyrE2 ΔleuB
H42WFD11WR340, pTA93 pop-inHis trpA+::[ΔtrpA MevR]
H43DS70DS70, pTA93 pop-intrpA+::[ΔtrpA MevR]
H45WFD11WR480, pTA95 pop-inHis ΔpyrE2 trpA+::[ΔtrpA pyrE2+]
H47DS70H26, pTA95 pop-inΔpyrE2 trpA+::[ΔtrpA pyrE2+]
H52WFD11H45 pop-outHis ΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA
H53DS70H47 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA
H60DS70H26, pTA73 pop-inΔpyrE2 leuB+::[ΔleuB pyrE2+]
H66DS70H60 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔleuB
H76WFD11H42 pop-outHis ΔtrpA
H77DS70H43 pop-outΔtrpA
H90DS70H26, pTA155 pop-inΔpyrE2 hdrB+::[ΔhdrB pyrE2+]
H91DS70H53, pTA155 pop-inΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA hdrB+::[ΔhdrB pyrE2+]
H92DS70H66, pTA155 pop-inΔpyrE2 ΔleuB hdrB+::[ΔhdrB pyrE2+]
H98DS70H90 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB
H99DS70H91 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔhdrB
H100DS70H92 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔleuB ΔhdrB
H107DS70H26, pTA166 pop-inΔpyrE2 lhr+::[Δlhr pyrE2+]
H108DS70H53, pTA166 pop-inΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA lhr+::[Δlhr pyrE2+]
H109DS70H53, pTA172ΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA lhr+::[Δlhr::trpA+ pyrE2+]
H111DS70H53, pTA73 pop-inΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA leuB+::[ΔleuB pyrE2+]
H119DS70H111 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB
H120DS70H107 pop-outΔpyrE2 Δlhr
H121DS70H108 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA Δlhr
H122DS70H109 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA Δlhr::trpA+
H126DS70H119, pTA155 pop-inΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB hdrB+::[ΔhdrB pyrE2+]
H133DS70H126 pop-outΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB ΔhdrB
  • a Unless indicated otherwise, the source of strains was this study.