Summary of features of bona fide MMPs of M. gryphiswaldense identified by various sequencing methods

ProteinEdman sequencing ID band no.2D spot no.2D PAGE + MS-MSTotal tryptic diges- tion + MS-MSLength (amino acids)Predicted molecular mass (kDa)pIBest Blast hit (accession no.)aE valuePutative function
Coverage (%)No. of peptidesCoverage (%)No. of peptides
MamA (Q93DY9)1113, 1435740.6721724.015.64MM2348 of Methanosarcin (AE013478)3e-15Tetratricopeptide repeat protein
MamB (Q93DY6)1013.8429731.965.25YdfM of Bacillus subtilis (C69781)1e-37CDF transporter
MamC (Q93DY1)1516, 1738.7454.8512512.404.88Unknown
MamD (Q93DY2)12196.1214.3331430.209.68Unknown
MamE131014.586.7777278.008.69MLL5022 of Rhizobium loti (Q98CS8)9e-35Serine protease
MamF1, 3, 1626.8311112.309.57Unknown
MamM912.9331834.505.82BH 1238 of Bacillus halodurans (F83804)1e-33CDF transporter
MamN6.4243746.146.70TM0934 of Tharmatoga maritima (AE001757)6e-30Inorganic ion transport
MamO17.5763265.406.51CC1282 of Canlobacter crescentus (C87408)6e-15Serine protease
MamQ10.3227230.008.48T. maritima (AE001759)3e-16Unknown
MamT5.7117418.8810.05UnknownHeme binding
Mms61817.5213614.269.79bIron binding
Mms16141567.6914516.355.49Apm of Rhodospirillum rubrum (ZP_00014946)c6e-28Activator for PHB depolymerase
MM221319620.007.14Enterococcus faecalis V583 (NP_816281)3e-07Conserved hypothetical protein
  • a Only BlastP hits with E values of <0.01 are shown. Hits, to other MTB were not included.

  • b Similar to Mms6 of Magnetospirillum strain AMB-1 (Q83VL7).

  • c Similar to Mms16 of Magnetospirillum strain AMB-1 (Q93UW2): putative GTPase.