Feeding of the two nanoflagellates Spumella sp. and Ochromonas sp. on J. lividum CM37a

Nanoflagellate and treatmentNo. of ingested bacteria (cells flagellate−1)Time of egestion (min)Time of cell death (min)
Spumella sp.
    Starved5.0 ± 1.818.5 ± 5.8
    Satiated1.7 ± 0.713.2 ± 4.921.3 ± 5.1
Ochromonas sp.
    Starved6.7 ± 2.418.8 ± 6.9
    Satiated3.8 ± 2.718.7 ± 4.823.0 ± 7.2
  • a The number of ingested bacteria is the total number ingested from the start of the experiment until the death of the flagellates. Time of egestion and time of flagellate cell death were calculated as the interval between ingestion of the first bacterium and either egestion or cessation of flagellar movement, respectively. The data (presented as means ± standard deviations) are based on 15 individual flagellate cells.