Carbon and redox balances, specific growth rate, and growth and energetic parameters for FI10089, FI9630, and MG1363 cultured on glucosea

StrainCarbon balancebRedox balancecμmax (h−1)Biomass yield (g mol of substrate−1)ATP yield (mol mol of substrate−1)YATP (g of biomass mol of ATP−1)qsmax (mmol g−1 h−1)
  • a Values are from representative experiments with each strain. μmax, specific growth rate, YATP, biomass yield, qsmax, substrate consumption rate.

  • b Carbon balance is the percentage of carbon in metabolized glucose that is recovered in the fermentation products (lactate, ethanol, acetate, 2,3-butanediol, acetoin, and mannitol).

  • c Redox balance is the ratio between [mannitol] + [lactate] + [2,3-butanediol] + 2 × [ethanol] and 2 × ([glucose] − [mannitol]) × 100.

  • d Data from Neves et al. (27).