Statistical ANOVA of four different treatments (type of dye, freezing, concentration of dye, and heating) tested for cyanophage S-PMS2 by using SYBR Gold as a nucleic acid-specific dyea

Factor treatmentLevelsLog
vs SYBR Green (dye)2***
Dye concn3*****
Heating (80°C)2 (yes/no)*********
Liquid nitrogen (N2)2 (yes/no)***
Dye vs concnInteraction
Dye vs N2Interaction
Concn vs 80°CInteraction
Concn vs N2Interaction
80°C vs N2Interaction
  • a The treatments that were found to significantly affect total viral counts, GFL, or SSC of the stained virus particles are indicated by asterisks: *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; and ***, P < 0.001. See Materials and Methods for a description of the levels.