MICs of nisin A and pediocin PA-1 of L. monocytogenes strains

StrainDescriptionaMIC of:
Nisin (IU/ml)Pediocin (P-AU/ml)
412Wild type1,00080
AG100Inactivation of pbp2229 in 41275080
AG111Inactivation of hpk1021 in 4121,00080
AG106Inactivation of lmo2487 in 4121,00080
412NNisin-resistant mutant of 4121,500160
AG105Inactivation of pbp2229 in 412N75080
AG114Inactivation of hpk1021 in 412N2580
AG104Inactivation of lmo2487 in 412N1,500160
  • a Genes were inactivated by plasmid insertion (see Materials and Methods).