Growth characteristics and phylogenetic relationships of selected marine bacterioplanktona

IsolateAccession no.Nearest neighbor in GenBank databaseGrowth rate (day−1)
SeawaterRich mediumSolid surface
BAL58AY317112β-Proteobacterium A0637 (AF236004)0.520.27
BAL59AY317114β-Proteobacterial environmental clone GKS98 (AJ224990)0.470.190.36
SKA48AY317115Uncultured α-proteobacterial clone Arctic 96A-7 (AF353226)0.400.01
BAL57Cytophaga sp. strain SKA31 (AF261053)0.730.93
  • a Three non-colony-forming isolates (BAL58, BAL59, and SKA48) and one colony-forming control isolate (BAL57, identical to SKA31) were grown in seawater medium, in rich liquid medium (ZoBell), and on ZoBell agar plates.