Diversity analysis of nirK and nirS gene fragments from anaerobic packed bed and anaerobic fluidized bed of MWTS

Gene and reactorSaHbEc
    Packed bed (run 1)61.960.76
    Fluidized bed (run 2)102.770.84
    Packed bed (run 1)51.220.52
    Fluidized bed (run 2)72.040.82
  • a Phylotype richness, S was the total number of OTUs in a sludge.

  • b The Shannon-Weaver diversity index (25) was calculated as follows: H = −Σ(pi)(log2pi), where pi is the proportion of each phylogenetic groups to the number of all detected clones.

  • c Evenness (16) was calculated as follows from the Shannon-Weaver index: E = H/log2S.