Infections of humans with gordoniae and underlying conditions

Gordonia speciesType of infectionNo. of casesUnderlying condition(s)Reference
G. bronchialisSternal wound7Surgery80
G. polyisoprenivoransBacteremia due to Hickman catheter1Bone marrow transplantation45
G. rubripertinctaLung infection1Tuberculosis37
G. sputiMediastinitis1Surgery57
Bacteremia due to cutaneous lesions1Metastatic melanoma; interleukin-2 treatment81
G. terraeBrain abscess1None25
1Cerebral tumor26
Skin infection1None67
Bacteremia due to central venous catheter1Chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction syndrome13
Gordonia sp.Bacteremia due to central venous catheter1Breast and ovarian cancer13