Chemotaxonomic markers of genera of the suborder Corynebacterineae

FamilyGenusAcyl typeaMajor menaquinonePEbFatty acid compositionscMycolate size (no. of carbons)Pyrolysis esters of mycolatesd (no. of carbons)G+C content (mol%)
GordoniaceaeGordoniaGMK-9(H2)+S, U, T48-6616-1863-69
SkermaniaGMK-8(H4 ω-cyc)+S, U, T58-6416-2068
CorynebacteriaceaeCorynebacteriumAMK-8(H2)eS, Uf22-368-1851-67
TuricellaNDMK-10, MK-11NDS, U, T-h-h65-72
DietziaceaeDietziaAMK-8(H2)S, U, T34-38ND73
MycobacteriaceaeMycobacteriumGMK-9(H2)+S, U, T70-9022-2670-72
NocardiaceaeNocardiaGMK-8(H4 ω-cyc)+S, U, T50-6212-1864-72
RhodococcusGMK-8(H2)+S, U, T34-5412-1663-73
TsukamurellaceaeTsukamurellaGMK-9+S, U, T64-7820:1g67-68
WilliamsiaceaeWilliamsiaGMK-9(H2)+S, U, T50-56ND64-65
  • a G, glycolated muramic acid; A, acetylated muramic acid; ND, not determined.

  • b PE, phosphatidylethanolamine; +, present; −, absent.

  • c S, saturated; U, unsaturated; T, tuberculostearic acid.

  • d Fatty acid methyl esters released by pyrolysis of mycolic acid methyl esters.

  • e Present in Corynebacterium bovis and Corynebacterium urealyticum.

  • f Tuberculostearic acid present in Corynebacterium anmoniagenes, C. bovis, C. minutissimum, C. urealyticum, and C. variabile.

  • g 20:1, eicosanoic acid.

  • h Mycolic acid free.