Overview of described Gordonia species and their relevant characteristics

Type strainCharacteristic or sourceReference for type strain
G. aichiensis DSM 43978TClinical isolate from sputum93
G. alkanivorans DSM 44369TAlkane-degrading bacterium55
G. amarae DSM 43392TFoam-forming bacterium59
G. amicalis DSM 44461TDibenzothiophene-desulfurizing bacterium49
G. bronchialis DSM 43247TIsolated from sputum of a woman with cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis91
G. desulfuricans DSM 44462TBenzothiophene-desulfurizing bacterium48
G. hirsuta DSM 44140TIsolated from a biofilter of an animal-rendering plant51
G. hydrophobica DSM 44015TIsolated from a biofilter of an animal-rendering plant7
G. jacobaea MV-1aCanthaxanthin-containing bacterium22
G. namibiensis DSM 44568TNitrile-metabolizing bacterium11
G. nitida DSM 44499T3-Ethyl- and 3-methylpyridine-degrading bacterium95
G. paraffinivorans DSM 44604THydrocarbon-degrading bacterium94
G. polyisoprenivorans DSM 44302Tcis-1,4-Polyisoprene-degrading bacterium62
G. rhizosphera DSM 44383TIsolated from mangrove rhizosphere89
G. rubripertincta DSM 43197TMycobactin-producing bacterium91
G. sihwensis DSM 44576TNitrate-reducing bacterium47
G. sinesedis DSM 44455TIsolated from soil28, 66
G. spumae T4aIsolated from activated sludge foamSukhoom et al., unpublished data
G. sputi DSM 43896TIsolated from sputum of a patient with pulmonary disease92
G. terrae DSM 43249TIsolated from soil91
G. westfalica DSM 44215Tcis-1,4-Polyisoprene-degrading bacterium64
  • a Not a validly described species.