Identification of clones from the termite guts and soils from site B (Kribi)

Clone(s) in treeaT-RFNo. of clonesClosest isolated relative% SimilarityCluster identity (% of clone library)b
Guts (All gut 103)
    A08, A19 (plus others)994-99613Methanobrevibacter filiformis92-95
    5, A13, A18, A28993-10054Methanobrevibacter filiformis92-95
    A12, A252692Methanobrevibacter filiformis92-95Methanobrevibacter spp. (66)
    A015711Methanobrevibacter filiformis92-95
    A15, A29 (plus others)994-99813Methanobrevibacter smithii94
    6, 10, A11 (plus others)569-5716Methanospirillum hungatei89Termite archaeal group I (22)
    1, A27 (plus others)569-5705Methanospirillum hungatei89
    A24, A39 (plus others)118-1194Natronococcus amyloticus97Natronococcus (8)
    A38 (plus one other)10082Methanomicrococcus blatticola97Methanomicrococcus (4)
Soil (All soil 113)
    A11, A18 (plus others)1010-101320Methanomicrococcus blatticola96Methanomicrococcus (46)
    A01 (plus others)101112Methanomicrococcus blatticola96
    A15, A20 (plus others)11822Methanosarcina lacustera82-84
    A50, A59 (plus others)1189Methanosarcina lacustera82-84Rice cluster I (45)
    A625701Methanosarcina lacustera82-84
    B10, B13 (plus others)3635Methanosarcina barkeri98Methanosarcina (8)
    B30No cut1Methanosarcina vacuolata98
    B229991Methanobrevibacter filiformis92Methanobrevibacter (1)
  • a See Fig. 1.

  • b For guts, 50 clones; for soil, 71 clones.