Comparison of the diversity of bacterial isolates obtained from a pasture soil using liquid and solid media

Growth mediumNo. of isolates% of isolates affiliated withNo. of familiesDiversity index at family levelReference
Well-represented groupsaPoorly represented groupsbShannon'sSimpson's
Liquid; range of media891000293.014.5This study
Solid; DNB3083.316.7162.611.0 18
Solid; VL55 + xylan7183.116.9273.015.5 28
Solid; range of media35083.816.2603.415.5 19
  • a Members of the subclass Actinobacteridae of the phylum Actinobacteria and of the phyla Proteobacteria, Bacteroidetes, and Firmicutes.

  • b Members of the phyla Acidobacteria, “Deinococcus-Thermus,” Gemmatimonadetes, Planctomycetes, and Verrucomicrobia and of the subclasses Acidimicrobidae and Rubrobacteridae of the phylum Actinobacteria.