Recovery of clinical L. monocytogenes subtypes in samples from respective case and matched control farms

FarmAnimal speciesClinical subtype (lineage)No. of isolates with matching ribotype recovered on case farm from:Isolates with matching ribotype recovered from samples collected on the matched control farm
1BovineDUP-1039C (II)1100No
3BovineDUP-1038B (I)1000No
7Small ruminantDUP-1042B (I)0000Yes
8Small ruminantDUP-1039C (II)0100No
8Small ruminantDUP-1045E (II)2443No
11BovineDUP-1039C (II)0000Yes
12BovineDUP-1039C (II)0200No
13BovineDUP-1038B (I)0000No
20BovineDUP-1030A (II)1000No
21BovineDUP-1045B (II)1000No
22Small ruminantDUP-1039C (II)0010Yes
23BovineDUP-1030B (II)0000No
30BovineDUP-1039C (II)0201No
36BovineDUP-1042B (I)0000No
39BovineDUP-1039C (II)0000No
43BovineDUP-1039C (II)1000Yes
46Small ruminantDUP-1045D (II)0000No