Percentage of E. coli isolates correctly classified into domestic, human, and wildlife source groups by the HFERP DNA fingerprinting method

Source groupNo. of DNA fingerprints% (No.) correctly classifieda
Domesticatedb85583.2 (711)77.5 (663)
Human21053.8 (113)45.2 (95)
Wildlifec31271.4 (223)59.6 (186)
Petsd15459.1 (91)44.8 (69)
Overall1,53174.3 (1,138)66.2 (1,013)
  • a Done using Jackknife analysis with 1% optimization and maximum similarities with curve-based Pearson's product-moment correlation coefficient and band-based Jaccard similarity calculations.

  • b Domesticated group includes chickens, cows, goats, horses, pigs, sheep, and turkeys.

  • c Wildlife group includes deer, ducks, and geese.

  • d Pet group includes dogs and cats.