Recovery of fecal L. monocytogenes subtypes in environmental samples

Subtype (lineage)No. of farms with ribotype isolated from fecal sampleNo. of farms where subtype was also recovered from:
DUP-1023A (II)2100
DUP-1023B (II)1000
DUP-1025A (I)2100
DUP-1030B (II)2000
DUP-1038B (I)7101
DUP-1039A (II)2011
DUP-1039C (II)12425
DUP-1039E (II)4013
DUP-1042A (I)1000
DUP-1042B (I)8442
DUP-1042C (I)3101
DUP-1044A (I)2000
DUP-1044B (I)1000
DUP-1045A (II)2210
DUP-1045B (II)3001
DUP-1045D (II)2010
DUP-1045E (II)1111
DUP-1051C (I)1011
DUP-1054A (II)2000
DUP-1062B (II)1000
DUP-1062C (II)1000
DUP-1062E (II)2000
DUP-1062F (II)1000
DUP-16635B (I)2000
116-110-S2 (III)1000
116-239-S2 (I)1110
116-890-S3 (II)1000
116-915-S2 (?)b1000
Total no. of positive-testing herds30a161316
  • a Total number of farms with L. monocytogenes-positive fecal samples.

  • b ?, lineage not known.