Studies from which V. vulnificus abundances and corresponding temperature and salinity measurements were obtained for comparative analysis with the seasonal data from this study

Sampling site(s)Year of studyMethod of identification and enumerationaV. vulnificus abundance (cells ml−1)Reference
Chesapeake Bay, Del.2002Fluorescent oligonucleotide probe direct counting procedure2-10,000Heidelberg et al. (15)
Charlotte Harbor, Fla.2001Membrane filtration followed by identification and enumeration on CPC agar50-3,000Lipp et al. (30)
Mobile, Ala.1997Most-probable-number assay with immunoassay identification0-251DePaola et al. (13)
Chesapeake Bay, Del.1996Plating with oligonucleotide probe identification and enumeration0-200Wright et al. (50)
Mobile Bay and Mississippi Sound, Ala.1994Most-probable-number assay with CPC agar identification32-2,511DePaola et al. (11)
Apalachicola Bay, Fla.1982Most-probable-number assay with TCBS agar plates and API identification kit0-7,000Tamplin et al. (43)
  • a CPC, colistin-polymyxin B-cellobiose; TCBS, thiosulfate-citrate-bile salt-sucrose.